About Brush Colorado

It is an extreme honor and privilege to be able to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Brush.  Our commitment is to ensure that all citizens receive the highest quality services we can provide and to make sure that the quality of life for the citizens of Brush is maintained. 

The members of the Brush Police Department are comprised of dedicated men and women who are truly committed to serving the community; I am particularly proud to lead a law enforcement organization who values service to their community.  Our core values are character driven; meaning we are committed to developing trust and building relationships within the community we serve.  The Brush Police Department is a progressive organization, we believe in moving forward, realizing our profession and the needs of the community are ever changing.

We must remember that the Police are the community and the community is the Police; this refers to working together to make our community the safest city possible and to collaborate with groups and individuals in identifying problems.  The Brush Police Department subscribes to the Community Policing concept utilizing the three tiers of 1) Strategic Oriented Policing, 2) Neighborhood Oriented Policing, and 3) Problem Oriented Policing.  This concept requires the community’s active participation to make it a reality and not just a concept that is never actually utilized. 

As your Chief of Police, I seek your active support and positive input; our profession has seen some dark days recently, yet with your participation we can overcome many of these issues.  Our employees understand the importance of seeking your input and we are always open to trying to do our job in a more effective and efficient manner.   If we can be of assistance; please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

Travis Anderson  MA, MPA
Chief of Police 

Message from the Chief

​Brush! is nestled in the agriculturally-rich South Platte River valley. After the Civil War, many headed west to get land and start homesteads. Among them, a number of Danish families formed a settlement, attracted to the rich and loamy soil. Today bountiful crops of corn, soy, sugar beets, and wheat still prevail. During that time, the site became a shipping point on the old Texas-Montana cattle trail, known as the Beaver Creek Station. About 3000 heads of cattle would come through while all the workers would rest and load up on supplies.

The City of Brush! was named in honor of Jared L. Brush, a Colorado cattle pioneer. Mr. Brush never actually lived in Brush!, but helped settle what is now known as Greeley, Colorado. He later served as Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, lived in Greeley and visited "his town" often. He helped organize the first rodeo in Brush! on July 4, 1884, bringing a trainload of visitors from Denver to view the phenomenon.

The Brush townsite was laid out in June, 1882 after the Burlington Rail line reached this point on its way from Chicago to Denver. The City was incorporated by election on October 18, 1884.

The exclamation point after our name dates back to 1978 when the Brush Area Chamber of Commerce and the City Council began placing the exclamation point after Brush to emphasize a "can do attitude". It caught hold when we were experiencing an economic lull.

Brush! citizens believe in the exclamation point because it makes things happen and it gives us an identity far beyond our borders. It fosters tenacity and a strong sense of community. We want people to know that Brush! is more than blue sky, prairies and small town charm. We have a rich history and we're open for business. Adoption of this exclamation point, if only by attitude, means trust that we will be successful, that we are accountable to each other, and that we maintain a caring attitude.

Over the years Brush! has seen its share of triumphs as well as hardships; but as the citizens here have always had a determination to press forward, we have overcome challenges, maintained the personality of our heritage, and established a great community. In 2014 we adopted a tag line of what we have seen proven over the generations here in Brush! - Homegrown Happiness!​