Back To School Traffic Enforcement:

School has started again and the safety of our students is vitally important.  The Brush Police Department is actively working school zones and stop sign traffic and will be issuing citations.  We ask that you pay attention to the speed zones and signage in an effort to avoid a traffic accident and injury to our students. 

The Brush Police Department strongly supports the campaign of Beautifying Brush.  This concept directly coincides with the Brush Police Departments Community Policing philosophy and the "broken windows theory".  Below you will find our push toward taking care of Dead or Diseased Trees and Dilapidated structures.

Dead or Diseased Trees Ordinance 7-6-200; it is the owners responsibility to remove any dying or dead trees or dying or dead overhanging boughs in trees located on the premises of the owner.  To avoid receiving a notice which gives you 60 days to comply, it is recommended that you contact one of the following local tree service companies to have the issue remedied.  The Brush Police Department does not recommend or promote any one company over the other, however these are your resources to contact.

Dardanes Tree Services  970-842-0453                                        Covelli's Landscape Service   970-867-9144

Dion's Lawn Care   970-370-1862                                                  Buchanan Specialty Service   970-867-6862

United Tree Service   970-842-4639 or 970-768-5650                   Quality Tree Service   970-867-5847 or 970-768-2227

Scott Griffith Landscaping  970-867-8673 or 970-370-3465           Correll Jr. "All in One"  970-571-0629

CWJ Yardworx  970-380-1126                                                        Ernesto's Landscaping  970-580-5359 or 970-768-2266

Hazardous Buildings Ordinance 18-11-20 to 18-11-60; any building which are decayed, broken down, disintegrated, poorly constructed inadequately maintained, dilapidated or damaged that they constitute a hazard to safety, health or public welfare. either in themselves or in their actual use, are declared a public nuisance.  Often times these structures become an area for criminal activity or will bring criminal activity into the neighborhood which in turn creates a safety issue and quality of life issue for our community.  If you have a building that falls within this definition, we are asking that you take proactive action to remedy the issue as failure to do so can be expensive and also cause the City to take action to have the structure demolished at your expense.  Again, to ensure our community's quality of life requires each of you to take an active role in keeping our community beautiful.

Meeting with Brush Police Department (August 9, 2016 at 11:00 am at the Grocery Kart).  Please feel free to come meet with your local officers and Chief on this date.  The topic is focused mainly on where your police department is headed from a strategic planning concept.  You will be able to ask appropriate questions at that time. Additional dates for other topics are August 23, 2016 and September 13th at 11:00 am.