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Tornado Siren

Brush! currently has four emergency warning sirens in place to notify our citizens when there is an urgent situation. One is out on Industrial Park area, North of the Interstate; one over by Petteys Park, one is off Everette and Curtis, and the last is atop City Hall. Whenever you hear a long steady blare, severe weather is threatening the City. You should take immediate cover in the nearest basement. Take a radio with you, tuned to 1010 AM, 106.3 FM or 1400 AM to learn when the danger has passed. We test the emergency warning sirens each Friday during the summer months between 12:00 (noon) and 12:30 pm.

Brush Police Department

PO Box 363 (Mailing)

118 Carson Street (Physical)

Brush CO 90723 



A Proud Achievement by your Police Department and all citizens of Brush.  Brush is ranked 9th for being one of the safest cities in Colorado.  This is due to the dedication and hard work of your Police Department staff to ensure your quality of life is maintained.  

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